Jacob May

Cooper Bread Board


The Cooper Bread Board was designed to be packed up and carried out to the middle of a field or to the top of a hill for a rustic picnic—wherever you're headed, these simple bread boards travel well. The leather strap can be looped intuitively over a finger so your hands remain free to carry other supplies. An easy way to elevate any meal, our boards are the perfect surface for slicing bread and displaying an entire spread to show off the natural beauty of great ingredients. At home, these boards hang effortlessly from a screw using a grommet set into the back of the leather loop. Display them on the wall for quick access to a handy cutting surface, and to show off the stunning grain and craftsmanship. With our boards in your eyeline, you'll always be reminded of culinary adventures past and present.

The leather hanging strap is nested into a pocket so that the boards rest flat. Each brass screw is counter-sunk so they will not come into contact with your counter or scratch flat surfaces. The boards feature a half-round edge profile that emphasizes its thin profile and simplifies handling. Expect the leather and wood to patina beautifully with age and absorb the colors and telltale marks of its many journeys.


  • Circle - 15" Diam x .8" T
  • Rectangle - 15" L x 12" W x .8" T


  • Beeswax Finish
  • Brass
  • Domestic Solid Hardwood
  • Leather
  • Mineral Oil

Handmade in Oakland, California